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7 Cancéropôles - Accelerating cancer research

Who are we ?

The seven Cancéropôles are part of the French cancer research landscape, enabling at regional and inter-regional levels a better coordination of skills and resources, while breaking down barriers between sectors and disciplines. They give rise to large-scale multidisciplinary research networks gathering scientific, clinical, industrial communities, as well as dedicated stakeholders.

They bring together research teams from research institutions, university hospitals, cancer centers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies and are supported by French Cancer Institute (INCa) and many local governments.

As part of the French Cancer Plan, our main missions are:

The final goal being a better understanding and the definition of new diagnostic, pronostic or therapeutic ways, and allowing an accelerated transfer from research and innovation to patients.

Map of the 7 Cancéropôles

The 7 Cancéropôles are supported by the French Cancer Institute
and many local governments.
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